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Restaurants and Bars Rumored to Be Haunted in New York City

Who doesn’t like a good ghost story? For those looking for an adventure as Halloween approaches, here are a few restaurants and bars that are rumored to be haunted in New York City. Perhaps you can do your own investigation in the paranormal.

The Ear Inn – 326 Spring St
The Ear Inn is one of the oldest taverns still in existence in New York City. It was once the home of James Brown, an African American veteran of the Revolutionary War. It was later converted to a tavern in 1817 and then a speakeasy during the Prohibition. According to paranormal investigators, the ghost of Mickey, a sailor and former tenant who died in a tragic car accident, still lingers.

One if By Land, Two if By Sea – 17 Barrow St
It has been said that there are as many as 20 ghosts who haunt One if By Land, Two if By Sea, mostly notably the ghost of Aaron Burr. The ghosts have manifested their presence through cold drafts, flickering lights, turning on machines and they have gone as far as to push staff when no one else is around.

White Horse Tavern – 567 Hudson St
The White Horse Tavern is rumored to be haunted by one of its past patrons, Dylan Thomas. Dylan was a poet who tried to beat his record of 18 shots of whiskey, only to collapse and pass away the next day.

The Campbell Apartment – 15 Vanderbilt Ave
The Campbell Apartment is a cocktail bar in Grand Central Terminal. The staff has been spooked by some strange phenomenons over the years including weird cold drafts, mysterious sounds and the feeling of being tapped from behind. It has been theorized that the previous owner of the Campbell Apartment, John W. Campbell, a railroad tycoon still wants his presence to be known.

Manhattan Bistro – 129 Spring St
The Manhattan Bistro was once the site of the tragic murder of Elma Sands, whose body was placed down a well (the current basement). Levi Weeks was the primary suspect and despite strong evidence pointing to him, he was never convicted. The ghost of Elma Sands still yearns for justice and she makes sure that no one forgets who she was by dropping ashtrays, breaking plates and throwing bottles.

Other restaurants and bars rumored to be haunted in New York City include The Bridge Cafe, Landmark Tavern, Ye Waverly Inn and Village Restaurant.