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Our 2023 New York City Holiday Gift Guide

Ahoy NY Food Tours Liz Stork

Looking for New York City themed holiday gift ideas?

Christmas and the holidays are fast approaching so you may be shopping for unique and thoughtful gifts to get for your special someone. Perhaps they love New York City as much as we do! Here is our 2023 holiday gift guide with a focus on fun New York City themed items. There is a little something for everyone including foodies, gamers, travelers and more!

Memorabilia from the New York City Subway

Memorabilia Subway Grab HoldP.C.:

One of the many things that makes New York City so special is the subway! The New York Transit Museum gift shop (99 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn) has a bunch of options that are perfect for anyone who loves trains, history or just New York City in general. One of the most interesting gifts that you can get is a memorabilia subway grab hold from an actual NYC subway car. It is sure to be a conversation starter. They also have a bunch of other subway themed gifts like toy trains and buses, transit token pendants and bags and shirts featuring their iconic subway map.

Tickets or Gift Certificates to Ahoy New York Food Tours

Bessou Crispy Rice Market 57 Tour

You probably know about our two amazing food tours of Lower Manhattan, the Chinatown and Little Italy Food Fest and Tasty Global Bites A Culinary Journey through Nolita, Little Italy & Chinatown but did you know we also have a new food tour that explores Market 57, one of the most exciting new foodie destinations in NYC? If you use the code NYP57, you can save 20% on this new tour. We also offer gift certificates to all our tours and if use the code AHNYGC23 at checkout, you can save 20% on gift certificates this holiday season too.

Ticket to Ride New York Board Game

Ticket to Ride New YorkP.C.:

Our favorite board game is Ticket to Ride. It is easy to learn, fast to set up and has a lot replayability. The most common maps are the United States and Europe ones but there is a New York City map too. Ticket to Ride New York features fun taxis markers to indicate your routes and it is perfect as an introduction to the Ticket to Ride series of games.

A New York Themed Tote Bag

New York Public Library card tote bagP.C.:

A useful and fun gift is a tote bag and there are so many options for a New York City themed one! We especially love the New York Public Library card tote bag that you can get from the NYC library gift shop (476 5th Ave). Similarly, right around the corner, we love the tote bags from Bryant Park too.

Lego Architecture: New York City Skyline Set

Lego New York Skyline SetP.C.:

Lego is a ton of fun for all ages and there is a Lego New York City skyline set (21028). It features Lego versions of some of the most iconic skyscrapers and landmarks of NYC like the Flatiron Building, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, and the Statue of Liberty. This is a good set to do together as a family!

Katz’s Deli Pastrami & Cutting Board

Katz's Delicatessen Pastrami Sandwich 2

Shopping for a gift for someone that can’t make it to New York City this year? One of the most iconic New York City dishes is a towering pastrami sandwich. You can send Katz’s Deli (205 E Houston St) pastrami through the mail via their website. It is a yummy way to give them a taste of New York City. To make it more special, you can get them a Katz’s Deli carving board too. It is a fun memento for the kitchen.

Cookies Trays from NYC Bakeries

Chip City Cannoli Cream Cookies

Finally, you can’t forget dessert. New York City has so many amazing bakeries and the holidays aren’t complete without gifting a massive cookie tray. Some of our favorite bakeries for cookies include Levain Bakery (340 Lafayette St & Other Locations), the Milk Bar (246 Mott St & Other Locations) and Chip City (298 Bleecker St & Other Locations). For those with allergies or for those looking for vegan cookies, Erin McKenna’s Bakery (248 Broome St) is a great option.