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NYC Link Roundup: Where to Eat in New York City, Summer 2020 & More!

Our Favorite Dim Sum

New York City is a great city for foodies. There are a ton of yummy options and this summer is a good time to try something new! Looking for some recommendations? You came to the right place. In this month’s NYC Foodie Link Roundup, we look at where to eat in New York City, summer 2020 and more!

37 Top Chinese Restaurants Open in NYC Right Now
One of the many things we have been missing is Chinese food! Here is a list of all the delicious options you have for takeout or delivery.

The Best Restaurants in Chinatown with Outdoor Seating
Unlike Little Italy nearby, Chinatown is usually not known for its al fresco dining but this summer is different. If you are looking to dine outside, here are some restaurants in Chinatown with outdoor seating. Whether you are craving soup dumplings or a juicy Taiwanese style pork chop, there is a little something for everyone!

70 NYC Restaurants with Outdoor Dining
Here are even more options for al fresco dining with places across New York City and representing a bunch of different cuisines. We recommend bookmarking this page if you love dining outdoors.

The Best Cookies in Chinatown and Little Italy
Got a bit of a sweet tooth? We know we do! We look at the best cookies in Chinatown and Little Italy and the cookies that come in our scrumptious Cookie Snack Pack.

The 45 Best Ice Cream Shops Open for Summer 2020 in New York City
There is nothing more satisfying than some ice cream on a hot summer’s day. Here are all your options for this cool treat.

Finally here are some amazing pictures of our meal kits shared with us on our social media (Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) this month! We would love it if you shared your pics of Ahoy New York meal kits and past tours with us. Use the hashtag #TakeABiteOutoftheBigApple or #AhoyNewYork.

NYC Themed Cookies

Ahoy NY Cookie Snack Pack

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