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Meet the Ahoy New York Tours & Tasting’s Staff: Ray

Aunt Jake Pasta Class

Hi my name is Ray and I am the marketing manager for Ahoy New York Tours and Tasting. I also manage Ahoy New York’s social media accounts and write for their blog. I’ve been working for Ahoy New York since October 2011! I want to say congratulations to Ahoy New York for its 10th year anniversary and I want to wish it another strong 10 years!

Favorite Cheap Eats Spot in New York City:

My favorite cheap eats spot changes from week to week but my favorite spot at the moment is Jordi’s Place (51 Catherine St). It’s a tiny, no frills Hispanic lunch spot that has delicious roast chicken, roast pork and oxtail. It is a hearty, home cooked meal for less than $10.

Favorite Fine Dining Restaurant in New York City:

Nothing beats a good steak and recently I had an amazing sirloin and a delicious filet mignon steak from Ben and Jack’s Steakhouse (219 E 44th St). Their steaks were so juicy and tender and their steak sauce was out of this world too!

Favorite Guilty Pleasure:

I am absolutely addicted to chicken parmigiana. I order it in every Italian restaurant and diner I go to. I honestly get chicken parmigiana at least once a week and often twice a week. There is just something special about the combination of breaded chicken, tomato sauce and lots of mozzarella cheese! Parm (248 Mulberry St & Other Location ), Tony’s Di Napoli (147 W 43rd St & 1081 3rd Avenue), Harry’s Italian (225 Murray St) and Luna Pizza (225 Park Row) are some of my go to places.

Favorite Thing to Do in New York City:

In addition to food, I love board games and hanging out in Bryant Park allows me to meet new people and play all sorts of board games like Catan, Scrabble and Ticket to Ride. In addition to the games area, there are areas to play chess, mini golf, kubb and ping pong… best of all, they are all free! There are also special events like concerts, movie nights and special workshops so there is something exciting to look forward to almost every day.

Best Tip for Visiting New York City:

Make sure you bring comfortable walking shoes and check the weather before you visit! You will be walking a lot outdoors so you want to dress in layers during the winter and have an umbrella and rain gear when it rains.

Aunt Jake Pasta Class