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Happy Holidays! The 12 Tastes of Christmas with Ahoy NY Food Tours

Di Palo's cheeses

Looking for the perfect holiday or Christmas gift? Give your true love (or friend or family) the gift of the twelve tastes on Ahoy’s signature New York food tour, Chinatown and Little Italy Food Fest. From yummy Italian treats to addictive Chinese dumplings, there is a lot to look forward to. Use the code GIFTAH up until the first day of 2018 and save 20% off all Ahoy New York food tours and gift certificates!


Alleva Mozzarella and Prosciutto

No one makes mozzarella as creamy and as tasty as Alleva Dairy, the oldest Italian cheese shop in America. Fun fact: it is now co-owned by Tony Danza!


Alleva Mozzarella and prosciutto tasting

The perfect pair to Alleva Dairy’s mozzarella is some top notch prosciutto. The milkiness of the mozzarella plus the saltiness of the prosciutto equals pure bliss!


a bowl of fruit

There are so many delicious treats to find at Di Palo’s. In fact, it can get overwhelming but we can steer you to some of the can’t miss items. First off, you have to try some delicious imported Italian olives. They are super addictive and once you try them you won’t go elsewhere for your olives.

Piave Cheese

Ahoy New York An Italian Feast in Little Italy Olives and Cheese Tasting

Di Palo’s is also known for their hundreds of imported cheeses. First up is Piave, an Italian cow’s milk cheese that is similar to Parmigiano Reggiano, but with a little flair!

Moliterno Cheese

Cheese and Olives Tasting

You will also have the opportunity to try an imported sheep’s milk cheese known as Moliterno. This cheese has an extra kick to it and is a genuine surprise to most.

Gnocchi with Marinara Sauce

Gnocchi Tasting

Good gnocchi is hard to come by but you can try some of the best on our tour. The yummy DOP (learn what that means on our tour) marinara sauce just seals the deal.


Ahoy New York Food Tours Corporate Team Building Events Cannoli Tasting

You can’t visit Little Italy without some cannoli! Ferrara’s cannoli has been a neighborhood favorite for 125 years!

Pot Stickers

Tasty Dumpling Dumplings

Pot stickers aka fried dumplings are explosions of flavor with every bite and we would love to show you our favorite dumplings spot.

Pork Bun

Nom Wah Dim Sum Tasting with Ahoy Logo

Pork buns from the iconic Nom Wah Tea Parlor are massive, super fluffy and stuffed with yummy roast pork. We are getting hungry just thinking about it.

Egg Roll

Nom Wah’s egg rolls are unlike any that you have tried in the past. First off it is huge and it is packed with all sorts of goodies like chicken, vegetables and yes, eggs!

Shrimp & Snow Pea Dumplings

Nom Wah Shrimp & Snow Pea Leaf Dumpling

The shrimp & snow pea dumplings from Nom Wah are phenomenal. Each dumpling is just bursting with flavor.

Almond Cookie

Almond Cookie Tasting

Finally, the twelfth tasting you can try this Christmas are almond cookies! We can honestly snack on these crunchy cookies all day and you have to see why!

You can try all these amazing foods from some of the most historic shops and restaurants in Little Italy and Chinatown on our New York food tour. Check out our tour page for more information.