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Cheap Eats: The Best Lunches on the Go in New York City for Under $10

Trapizzino Sandwiches

Looking for a fast, convenient lunch that won’t break the break? Next up in our cheap eats blog series is the best lunches on the go in New York City for under $10. Be sure to check out our other cheap eats blog posts: the best noodles, breakfast, desserts and more!

Yonah Schimmel Knishery – 137 E Houston St

Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery Mushroom Knish

We are so happy that after all these years Yonah Schimmel Knishery is still open for business. Walking into their shop is truly like taking a step into the past. Their knishes are massive and only cost $4.25. We especially love their mushroom knishes and it is one of our go to lunches whenever we are in the area.

Mei Li Wah – 64 Bayard St

Mei Li Wah Roast Pork Buns

P.C.: yelp, Ben L.

Mei Li Wah in the heart of Chinatown is famous for their delicious baked pork buns. The bun itself is super buttery and the pork filling is full of flavor. Best of all, these buns are only $1.20.

Matsunichi – 14-18 Elizabeth St #32-33

Matsunichi Onigiri

There are so many good lunch spots in Chinatown. Near Mei Li Wah there is also Matsunichi, a Japanese restaurant hidden away in the Chinatown Arcade. If you are looking for a convenient lunch on the go, their onigiri, Japanese rice balls are perfect! There are a bunch of different flavors to choose from like fried chicken, crab and shrimp tempura and they are all $2.50!

Taim – 45 Spring St & Other Locations

Taim Pita Sandwich

P.C.: Taim Nolita

Taim is our pick for the best falafel in New York City. We highly recommend their pita sandwiches stuffed with their signature falafel, hummus and all sorts of yummy toppings. It costs about $8.50. This is also a great pick for a good cheap eats vegetarian spot.

Trapizzino – 144 Orchard St & Other Locations

Trapizzino Pizza Sandwiches

P.C.: Trapizzino

Trapizzino sells pizza sandwich hybrids that are only $7.50. They are sort of like fancy hot pockets and they are amazing! You can get it stuffed with things like braised beef shank, oxtail ragu and yummy meatballs.

Papaya King – 179 East 86th St

Papaya King Hot Dog

P.C.: yelp, Marianne W.

Papaya King is renowned for its cheap lunch combos. Their combo of two hot dogs and a drink is still only $6.50. Their hot dogs have a nice snap, are super juicy and we love it when it is topped with tons of sauerkraut! You also can’t go wrong pairing it with their signature papaya drink.

99 Cents Fresh Pizza – 1032 6th Ave & Other Locations

99 Cents Fresh Pizza

P.C.: yelp, Suresh D.

Finally the cheapest lunch in New York City has to be 99 Cent Fresh Pizza’s combo of 2 slices of pizza and a drink for just $2.75. It is an unbeatable deal! For even more pizza recommendations check out our cheap eats: pizza blog post too. All those places cost less than $5!