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5 top reasons to Fall into NYC!


Fall is officially here! This means pretty close to perfect NYC weather! Truly, what’s better than sunny days…with a touch of wind…and of course, walking the streets of NYC, feeling crisp leaves under your feet and smelling the aroma of pumpkin, apples, and cinnamon wherever you go? I love this season!

Here are the top 5 reasons why I love exploring NYC in the fall!

1. Seeing the smiles on tour-goers faces as they sip one of the best hot chocolates on our Sweet Sights tour!

2. Stopping at some of the many NYC parks, enjoying the breeze, and watching the leaves change color.

3. Shopping at the fruit stands in Chinatown, purchasing new, exotic, in-season fruits. Some include Chinese Dates and Sugar Apples….YUM!

4. Sitting inside one of the oldest water holes in NYC, and sipping its famous ale at the end of our East Village Eats tours.

5. Sharing all of these experiences with YOU!

Stayed tuned — we’ll be posting info about our Friends & Family tour of Arthur Avenue (the “real” Little Italy)…coming soon!

Happy eating!


Central Park at Night