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5 Best Food Tours in New York City

Ahoy New York Food Tours Alleva Dairy

Exploring New York City’s Food and Culture with Food Tours!

The best way to check out a city whether you are visiting for the first time or a local is through its food and history. We find that food tours are the perfect way to explore just that, food and history. These tours do all the hard work in planning the itinerary with where to visit, where to eat, where to shop etc. so it is fun and convenient. With everything from juicy dumplings to pizza represented, here are our picks for the 5 best food tours in New York City.

Scott’s Pizza Tours

Scott Pizza Tours Pepperoni PizzaP.C.: instagram, scottspizzatours

Scott is the premier expert on all things pizza and Scott’s Pizza Tours are a great way to see what makes New York City pizza so special. He has tours in Greenwich Village, West Village, East Village and Downtown Brooklyn. You are guaranteed to learn something new as you (with the guidance of Scott and his guides) search for the pizza with the perfect trio of cheese, sauce and crust.

Eat Your World: Food Tours in Queens

Eat Your World Queens Food ToursP.C.: instagram, eatyourworld

We often tell people that New York City is more than just Manhattan. Queens is a foodie haven if you know where to look. Eat Your World: Food Tours in Queens explores the very diverse Queens neighborhood, Jackson Heights. Taste cuisines from around the globe on this Queens food tour.

Ahoy New York Food Tour’s Taste of Mulberry Street

Ahoy New York Food Tours Chinatown Mural

Chinatown, Little Italy and Nolita are must see neighborhoods for any foodie. Mulberry Street which is home to these three neighborhoods is renowned for its diverse culinary options with Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian and Middle Eastern cuisines all represented. Our Taste of Mulberry Street food tour celebrates this diversity of food and history. You can expect plenty of yummy tastings and visits to some of the most interesting landmarks in Lower Manhattan.

Famous Fat Dave’s Food Tours

Famous Fat Daves Food ToursP.C.: instagram, famousfatdave

Famous Fat Dave is a passionate NYC foodie that offers private driving tours in his signature checker cab of all five boroughs. Like all the food tours on this list, he highlights some of the best and most popular New York City restaurants and shops with plenty of hidden gems sprinkled in.


Noshwalks Food Tours BaklavaP.C.: instagram, noshwalks

Finally, we are excited that Noshwalks will soon be offering public tours again. They have fun walking food tours of the outer boroughs with tours in neighborhoods such as, Dyker Heights, Sheepshead Bay, Corona and more. These tours really show what make these neighborhoods unique and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2022.