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Where Foodies Should Go in Chinatown

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If you are hungry, Chinatown is the place to be! There is always something interesting for even the most adventurous eaters out there. Here is our list of where foodies should go in Chinatown. All of these places are the best of the best and they are all absolute musts for foodies.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor – 13 Doyers St & 10 Kenmare St
Nom Wah Dim Sum Platter
P.C.: yelp, Lisa F.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor is the oldest dim sum parlor in Chinatown and they easily have the best dim sum you can find in the neighborhood. From their amazing dumplings to their interesting take on the egg roll, (which you can try on our tour of Chinatown) it is certain to be a fun, foodie adventure. They also opened a new location in Nolita which you can check out.

Mei Li Wah – 64 Bayard St
Mei Li Wah Roast Pork Buns
P.C.: yelp, Maria B.

Mei Lei Wah is a no frills, old school bakery that has the best baked and steamed roast pork buns. They are just bursting with flavor and we can’t stop at just one! Best of all, all buns here will cost you about a $1. Golden Steamer (143-A Mott St) is another great option for steamed buns.

Chikarashi – 227 Canal St
chikarashi tuna bowl
P.C.: yelp, Elaine H.

Poke (Hawaiian raw fish salad) is the “in” dish of 2016 and you can get some at Chikarashi near the Canal Street subway station. We love poke and Chikarashi’s tuna and salmon poke bowls make for a great light lunch.

Lam Zhou Handmade Noodle – 144 E Broadway
Lam Zhou Handmade Noodle
P.C.: yelp, Lori L.

Lam Zhou Handmade Noodle is just a hole in the wall but their pulled noodles are simply amazing. The broth is top notch and we highly recommend getting their lamb or beef brisket noodles with some stuffed fish balls. For pulled noodles, Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles (1 Doyers St) is another go to spot for us.

Kam Hing Coffee Shop – 118 Baxter St
sponge cake

You can find Kam Hing Coffee Shop by their big sign proclaiming that they have the best sponge cakes in town and they just so happen to have the best Chinese style sponge cakes in town! They come in interesting flavors like coconut, green tea and chocolate chip and they are all scrumptious and incredibly soft and well… spongy. You also have to try the egg tarts from Lung Moon Bakery (83 Mulberry St).

Taiwan Pork Chop House – 3 Doyers St
taiwan pork chop house
P.C.: yelp, Angie C.

Likewise, Taiwan Pork Chop House which used to be called Excellent Pork Chop House has an excellent pork chop! It is unbelievably juicy and a pork chop over rice makes for a good hearty meal any day of the week.

Aji Ichiban – 37 Mott St
aji ichiban candied crabs
P.C.: yelp, David T.

More adventurous eaters can try unique Asian inspired treats at this candy store, Aji Ichiban. From durian flavored candies to candied mini crabs, you are bound to find something that will make you go wow!

Do you have any other musts for foodies in Chinatown? Let us know in the comment section below and for more Chinatown recommendations check out our other blog posts!

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