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What’s for dessert?

Hello fellow tasters– just wanted to write you all about a fantastic Sweet Sights experience that I recently had. As most of you know Sweet Sights is our dessert tour in the Upper West Side and its filled with the greatest shops to try amazing desserts such as gelato, cream puffs, the BEST chocolate chip cookie out there and much more!

A few weeks back a group of ladies (all family) joined us and they were so much fun! The tour seemed to fly by as we went from one shop to the next and finally ending at Sarabeths to find a beautiful spread of scones awaiting us. The group seemed so intrigued and their faces told me that they anxiously anticipated the next dessert. This tour by the way is very hard for ME not to eat everything in sight– as many of you know I have a sweet tooth!!

I’ve posted some pictures below that capture that day perfectly! Be on the lookout– we’ll be offering some discounts on this tour. I think after you view these pictures you’ll be signing up!

Ferraras Bakery Cannoli