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The Seven Best Tacos in New York City

Tacos are a huge part of the New York City food scene and they are one of the many stars of Mexican cuisine. It is amazing that you can find such a huge range of tacos here. From the traditional slow cooked meats to the more unusual toppings, here are the seven best tacos in New York City.

Domo Taco – 733 Franklin Ave & Food Truck

We love shrimp tempura and love tacos so if you put them together, you have heaven in every bite. The shrimp tempura taco can be found in Domo Taco’s truck. Also available at Domo Taco are fish tempura, grilled lemongrass chicken, teriyaki steak and kimchi falafel. All of these offer unique twists to the classic taco.

Takumi Taco – 75 9th Ave & Other Locations

Takumi Taco has locations in the Chelsea Market, Vanderbilt Food Hall and Smorgasburg and it is another place that offers tacos with a fusion of Japanese and Mexican flavors. You can get tacos with Japanese curry beef, Sapporo braised short rib and spicy tuna so you know Takumi Taco will always keep things interesting.

Tres Carnes – 688 Ave of the Americas & 954 Third Ave

When it comes to more traditional tacos, you really can’t beat Tres Carnes and their slow cooked and grilled meats. They are unbelievably delicious and their tasty chicken, pork and brisket are what truly make these tacos special.

Bowery Taco Box – 358 Bowery

Bowery Taco Box is the perfect place for a quick bite to eat. We especially recommend their short rib taco and if you are looking for something a little different, we highly recommend the chorizo taco. They are both full of flavor and great nearly every hour of the day!

Tacombi – 267 Elizabeth St & Other Locations

Looking for Tacombi Nolita? You know you are in the right place if you see a VW van in the middle of the restaurant. You can’t miss it. As for tacos, their crispy fish tacos are top notch and are wildly addictive. Plus dining here really feels like dining in a street in Mexico.

Otto’s Tacos – 141 2nd Ave & Other Locations

Otto’s Tacos is a Southern California inspired taqueria in the West Village, East Village and Hell’s Kitchen. We always order their shrimp tacos here but all of their tacos on their menu are worth trying.

Tajin – 85 Greenwich St

Finally Tajin has been serving authentic Mexican fare for as long as we can remember and they are just a short walk from Wall Street. We are huge fans of their fish tacos and we always try to make our way to Tajin whenever we are in Lower Manhattan.

Domo Tacos