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The Best Spicy Food in New York City

If you are a fan of spicy foods, you are in luck! There are a lot of options in New York City to find foods that are filled with spice and zest. Whether you are looking for a Thai noodle dish or maybe an Indian curry, here are the best spicy foods in New York City. We have to warn you some of these dishes are VERY hot and fiery… so you may want to be a bit cautious.

Kin Shop – 469 Avenue of the Americas
Kin Shop is Chef Harold Dieterle’s Thai restaurant and it has been a favorite in the neighborhood the last few years. On their menu, there is a spicy duck laab salad that is absolutely must try and worth the trip alone.

Rhong Tiam – 31 E 21st St
Another option for Thai cuisine is Rhong Tiam, a popular Thai restaurant in the Flatiron district. If you are looking for something spicy, try the drunk man noodles. It is as tasty as it is spicy (and it is extremely tasty).

Bricklane Curry House – 99 2nd Ave
Indian cuisine is known for their curries and one of the best in the city is from Brickhouse Curry House. Their spiciest curry and their most infamous curry is their phaal. It is definitely for only the biggest fans of spicy food and for those who can take the heat.

Hot Kitchen – 104 2nd Ave
Sichuan cuisine is also known for their spice and one of the best Sichuan restaurants in New York City is Hot Kitchen. There are a number of good spicy dishes here but our favorite is their ma la tang (vegetables in a very spicy soup). If that doesn’t interest you, they have an entire section on their menu exclusively for spicy Sichuan dishes.

Jacques Torres Chocolate – 327 Lafayette Street & Other Locations
If you looking for something a little different (and spicy), how about Jacques Torres’ wicked hot chocolate. It is a hot chocolate with chili powder. It is sure to warm you up as the temperatures drop.

Xi’an Famous Foods – 67 Bayard St & Other Locations
Xi’an Famous Foods expanded from tiny hole in the wall shop under the Manhattan Bridge to a number of locations throughout the city including Chinatown, Midtown and more. Xi’an Famous Foods is famous for their lamb hand-ripped noodles and lamb burgers. Both are just packed full of flavor and heat!

Xian Famous Foods Pork Burger