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Reader’s Choice: The Best Pizza, Food Trucks & Local Favorites in NYC

This past month at Ahoy New York we were looking for exciting new places to eat for the New Year. Good news, our mission has been accomplished! Thank you to all who helped us with our Reader’s Choice Contest!

Here are the reader’s choices for the best pizza, food trucks and local favorites in New York City along with some of our picks.

The Best Pizza in New York City

– Cecilia

Prince Street Pizza – 27 Prince St

Ray’s Pizza at 27 Prince St (now known as Prince Street Pizza) is a personal favorite. I usually order the regular pizza if I’m in a hurry. When I do have the time though, I order the appetizers such as garlic bread or garlic knots (absolutely delicious and hot). My all time favorite is the “Lasagna Pizza” which contains ricotta sauce, pasta and meat sauce. So, so delicious and creamy. The texture is very chewy and melts when you take the first bite. Ray’s Pizza is a legend for a reason – quality Italian food on the go!

– Gluten Free Steph

Risotteria – 270 Bleecker St

I’ve ate at about a dozen different places specifically for gluten free pizza. Some were bad, some were okay and a few were really great. My all time favorite gluten free pizza is Risotteria’s mozzarella and prosciutto pizza. My reason for this is pretty simple; best gluten free crust I’ve ever had plus the toppings and sauce are all great quality and tastes amazing. The first time I ate it I thought they accidentally gave me a gluten-full pizza! The only downside to this yummy pizza is the cost. For a personal size gluten free pizza it costs around $17 – $20! This to me is a little pricey for a go-to pizza spot so I make this my splurge pizza place. They also have a really great choice of gluten free beers, wine and of course, dessert!

– Ahoy New York

Totonno’s – 1524 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn

Totonno’s in Coney Island is another legendary pizzeria in New York City and it is one that is high on Ahoy New York’s must try list. Totonno’s has been using a coal fired brick oven and making their pizzas the same way since they opened in 1924. It makes for a scrumptious pie that is hard to duplicate.


The Best Food Trucks in New York City

– S. Hanson

Cinnamon Snail – @VeganLunchTruck

My husband and I love to meet for lunch at the Cinnamon Snail, a wonderfully unique vegan food truck. It’s innovative take on ethnically diverse vegan friendly foods makes even meat lovers crave the Snail.

– irvo

Mexico Blvd – @MexicoBlvd

Mexico Blvd has the best tacos in New York City. They are great with a tamarind tea to quench your thirst.

– Ahoy New York

Schnitzel & Things – @schnitznthings

We have heard nothing but good things about the Schnitzel & Things food truck; however it seems that no matter how hard we try we can’t seem to make it over to sample some of their delicious schnitzels! A very good schnitzel can be so satisfying so for 2014 we have set a goal to try out all their schnitzel variations.


The Best Local Favorites in New York City

– Eldwin K

Ponche Taqueria & Cantina – 420 W 49th St

The best Mexican fish tacos are from Ponche Taqueria & Cantina. I have ordered from there many times and every time it was a delicious meal and delivered quick! I recommend their fish tacos and their chicken burrito. The fried fish is very fresh, pickled cabbage and slaw had the right amount of flavor and crunch. The burrito is huge! It has a lot of seasoned chicken, Spanish rice, beans and fresh veggies.

– Ahoy New York

Carnegie Deli – 854 7th Ave

Carnegie Deli is a local favorite and New York City landmark. It has been a mainstay in the neighborhood for decades and for a good reason, their food! They are probably best known for their giant pastrami sandwiches, matzoh ball soups and cheesecakes. It attracts both locals and visitors from around the world so it can get a bit crowded but it is well worth the wait.

Tacos from a Food Fair