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The Best Off the Beaten Path Pizzerias in New York City

There are hundreds of pizzerias in New York City and often we find that there are some great gems that get lost in the crowd. Ahoy New York wants to highlight some of these great finds so here are the best off the beaten path pizzerias in New York City. Whether you like thin or thick crust, New York style or more usual pizzas, we have you covered.

Arturo’s – 106 W Houston St
Arturo’s is a charming, old school pizzeria with live music. The star of the place is definitely their pizza as there are few things in the world that can beat a pizza piping hot, straight out the oven from Arturo’s.

Luna’s Pizza – 225 Park Row
Three words. Grandma’s Vodka pie. It is a bit different from a typical New York style pizza and we love it! It is so incredibly ooey, gooey and mmm…mmm… yummy. We have Luna’s Pizza on speed dial because we have ordered this pie more than a few times.

Lucali – 575 Henry St, Brooklyn
There are a number of very good pizzerias in Brooklyn that are still often overlooked. Lucali is a great pizzeria that makes scrumptious pizza pies that have us coming back for more, despite the travel.

L&B Spumoni Gardens – 2725 86th St, Brooklyn
Also in Brooklyn is L&B Spumoni Gardens and it is one of our favorite places for thick crust pizzas. The cheese, the sauce and the crust all make for a superb bite.

Best Pizza – 33 Havemeyer, Brooklyn
Do you love bacon? Do you love pizza? How about bacon on a pizza? It is a no- brainer, right? The self-proclaimed Best Pizza (but well deserved) makes the best bacon slice by far.

Mercer Kitchen – 99 Prince St
When you think of pizza, Jean- Georges Vongerichten’s Mercer Kitchen doesn’t often come to mind but their pizzas are out of this world and they have some usual pizzas that you can’t get anywhere else such as their raw tuna and wasabi pizza.

Forcella – 334 Bowery & Other Locations
Forcella is best known for their Montanara aka the fried pizza. It is truly a work of art and it should be on your must try list if you haven’t already.

John’s Pizzeria – 85-02 Grand Ave, Queens
Some of the best pizza can be found in Queens and one of our favorite places for thin crust pizza is definitely off the beaten path. It’s John’s Pizzeria in Elmhurst. A quick tip: you should never EVER take this slice to go, as the slice is definitely best enjoyed right on sight.

Grand Appetito – 197 Grand St
Grand Appetito is great place to pick up a quick slice on the go in Little Italy. Their Grandma’s Pie (which you can sample on our New York food tour) is just unbelievably delicious.

L’asso – 192 Mott St
Nearby, L’asso is an absolute gem in the neighborhood. Their Pancetta pizza is on our short list of the best things we have ever eaten. It combines fresh mozzarella, arugula, lemon and pancetta, a tried and true flavor combination and it is incredibly tasty.

Gelso & Grand Breakfast Pizza