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The Best Food Deals in New York City

It is no secret that New York City can be an expensive city to live in or visit but there are some bargains to be found. Whether you are looking for a good hearty lunch or a nice tasty snack, we scoured the city for the best lunch specials, bargains, prix fixe menus and more! Here are the best food deals in New York City.

Yum Yum 3 – 658 9th Ave
Yum Yum 3 is a Thai restaurant with an unbelievable deal for lunch, one appetizer, one entree and a drink for only $8. Appetizers range from chicken dumplings to sweet potato fries and entrees include many Thai staples like pad thai and pad see ew.

Wah Fung No. 1 Fast Food Inc – 79 Chrystie St
If you walk down Chrystie St you may notice a long line forming out from this small hole in the wall food shop on the outskirts of Chinatown. Don’t worry the line usually moves fast. Wah Fung No. 1 Fast Food Inc’s specialty is roast pork aka char sui over rice topped with soy sauce for $3.75. The char sui is delicious and plentiful per order.

Tasty Dumpling – 42 Mulberry St
There are a number of dumplings shops in Chinatown and Tasty Dumplings is up there among the best. Lunch which can include an order of chive and pork fried dumplings, a pancake with beef sandwich and a drink will only set you back only about $5.

Trader Joe’s Wine Shop – 138 E 14th St
Wine can be quite pricey but you can find great deals at Trader Joe’s Wine Shop. They have a good selection and it is also a great place to explore and find new wines to enjoy.

2 Bros Pizza – 1015 Ave of the Americas
2 Bros Pizza is known for their $1 pizza slices and that is a great deal. But be also on the lookout for jerk chicken and rice for only $2- $3 in some 2 Bro Pizza locations like the one located at 1015 Ave of the Americas.

99 Favor Taste – 285 Grand St
Japanese and Korean tableside BBQ style restaurants have become more popular as of late and 99 Favor Taste offers the best deal, all you can eat BBQ for only $25.99. For just $5 more, you can add all you can eat hotpot too. The food is incredibly tasty and it is a lot of fun.

Spice Cove – 326 E 6th St
If you are in the mood for Indian, Spice Cove has lunch specials and a pre fixe menu that are good bargains and they feature all the Indian staples like our favorite, chicken tikka masala.

Gray’s Papaya – 2090 Broadway
Gray’s Papaya is known for their Recession Special, two hot dogs and a drink for $4.45. We especially love their hot dogs with their papaya drink but their pina colada drink is very good too.

Economy Candy – 108 Rivington St
If you have sweet tooth, you have to check out Economy Candy! There have a huge selection of candy, including many childhood favorites. Best of all, they have great prices so $5 will definitely get you a huge bag of candy.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery – 126 Rivington St
Nearby, also on Rivington Street is Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery and their yummy cupcakes are only $2! Our favorite cupcakes include the Sassy Red Velvet and the chocolate Ooey Gooey but we recommend sharing a dozen (with friends of course) to try them all.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine Cupcakes