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The Best Crispy Chicken Sandwiches in New York City

Crispy chicken sandwiches (sometimes known as fried chicken sandwiches) can be dangerously addictive. In just the last few months or so, there have been a bunch more tempting options to try and here are the best crispy chicken sandwiches in New York City.

Chick-fil-A – 1000 6th Ave
Chick-fil-A finally opened a branch in New York City and they have been the talk of the town ever since. The lines can go down the block but it does move fast. All in all, it is sure to be a staple Midtown lunch spot for years to come and their legendary crispy chicken sandwiches are the main draw.

Fuku – 163 1st Ave
Fuku is the latest restaurant from David Chang (best known for Momofuku) and they also specialize in a crispy chicken sandwich (it is basically the only thing on their menu). Their sandwich has a bit of an Asian flair to it and it has a nice spice to it. It is incredibly delicious!

Shake Shack – 409 Fulton St, Brooklyn & Other Locations
Shake Shack is best known for their yummy burgers but keep an eye out for their ChickenShack, their take on a crispy chicken sandwich. Unfortunately it is only available in select locations for a limited time. We tried it and we hope it will be more readily available in the future!

Genuine Superette – 191 Grand St
Genuine Superette in Little Italy is known for their outstanding buttermilk battered chicken sandwich. The crust is nice and crunchy and the meat is super juicy. The refreshing slaw on top just adds to an already yummy sandwich.

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken – 28 E 1st St
A crispy chicken sandwich gives you another great option for lunch at Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken and there are a bunch of sauces, cheeses, toppings to choose from to keep it exciting.

Harlem Shake – 100 W 124th St
Finally Harlem Shake has a cool retro vibe and their fried chicken sandwich is often overlooked but it ranks high along with all the other chicken sandwiches on this list. It is full of flavor and it has us craving for more!

Chick-fil-A Chicken Deluxe Sandwich