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The Best Candy Stores in New York City

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t have a bit of a sweet tooth? Here are some of the best candy stores in New York City. Gummy bears? M&M’s? Perhaps some Bit O’ Honey? No matter what your favorite candy is the odds are at least one of these shops has some of your preferred tasty sweet treats.

Dylan’s Candy Bar – 1011 3rd Ave
Dylan’s Candy Bar is the mecca of all candy stores with two floors of sweets of all sorts. It has often been described as a miniature Willy Wonka’s Factory in the middle of New York City. It will bring out the kid in all of us and it is really hard to leave this place empty handed.

Economy Candy Market – 108 Rivington St
Economy Candy is the go to place in New York City to find your all favorite candies for cheap. The store is crammed with candy practically within every square inch and they have a lot of candies that are tough to find elsewhere.

M&M’s World – 1600 Broadway
In Times Square, there is M&M’s World. Just look for the giant M&M’s animated billboard. In M&M’s World, there are walls of M&M’s in every color and flavor along with M&M’s themed merchandise in every shape and form. It is a must visit for any M&M’s fans out there.

The Sweet Life – 63 Hester St
The Sweet Life is a tiny, old school candy shop, packed with a variety of sweets and treats. They have most of the childhood favorites along with some of the more unusual delicacies such as curry flavored pistachios. You can also find pretty much everything from gummy bears to chocolate covered potato chips here.

The London Candy Company – 1442 Lexington Ave
The London Candy Company has an extensive collection of British treats that you normally have to go over the Atlantic Ocean to get such as Cadbury chocolate bars.

Papabubble – 380 Broome St
Papabubble, just outside of Little Italy, creates these stunning candies, in all sorts of interesting colors, designs and shapes. They definitely catch your eye and they are great conversation starters.