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The Best Affordable Lunch Spots In Midtown, New York City

Midtown in New York City is easily one of the busiest districts in the world. It can be tough to find a really good, affordable lunch spot but there are some gems to be found. Here are a few of our favorites.

Xi’an Famous Foods – 24 W 45th Street & Other Locations
Xi’an Famous Foods just opened a new location in the heart of Midtown, just a block and a half off of Times Square. Xi’an Famous Foods’ pulled noodles, pork and lamb burgers are just packed with flavor and a welcomed addition to the area. If the line is any indication, we expect Xi’an Famous Foods to be a lunch staple for many Midtown lunch goers and we can’t recommend it enough.

Shake Shack – 691 8th Ave & Other Locations
It is no secret that Shake Shack consistently makes some of the best burgers in NYC. The patties are super juicy and the ingredients and toppings are top notch. A signature double Shackburger and a drink will set you back about $10. For vegetarians, they have the outstanding ‘Shroom Burger.

Maoz Vegetarian – 558 7th Ave & Other Locations
Another option for vegetarians is Maoz Vegetarian. They make a yummy falafel. They also have a stocked salad bar with a ton of options so you can really pack your salad in a million different ways.

99 Miles to Philly – 300 E 45th St & 94 3rd Ave
99 Miles to Philly makes mammoth size cheesesteaks and they are just dripping in juicy, gooey goodness. You can get a steak or chicken sandwich and they are equally delicious!

2 Bros Pizza – 31 W 46th St & Other Locations
If you are looking for a cheap quick lunch on the go, you can’t beat 2 Bros Pizza. 2 Bros Pizza led the explosion of $1 pizza joints in the city and they are still the best.

Totto Ramen – 366 W 52nd St
No list of the best lunch spots in Midtown is complete without Totto Ramen, a much beloved ramen bar in Midtown. Ramen here sets you back a little more than $10 but it is worth every penny. The broth is full of flavor and the noodles have a nice bite to them. We also make sure that every ramen we order here is topped with some of their char siu pork and char siu chicken. Totto Ramen does not offer take out or delivery so you have to dine in and immerse yourself in the full ramen experience.

Xian Famous Foods Pork Burger