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The 7 Best Restaurants in the East Village Open Right Now

Suki Japanese Curry Pork Belly Udon

The East Village is one of our favorite NYC neighborhoods to dine in. There are so many interesting restaurants and eateries, many specializing in one or two dishes. We are constantly finding new places to try. So here are the seven best restaurants in the East Village open right now. There are especially a lot of great vegetarian and vegan options here.

Suki – 86E 7th St

Suki Japanese Curry Tofu UdonP.C.: yelp, Leni K.

Suki specializes in delicious Japanese curries. It is absolutely packed with flavor and you can choose how spicy you want it. All their dishes feature their curry and we absolutely love it over rice or with udon. Suki has plenty of outdoor seating and it is one of favorite lunch spots right now.

Caracas Arepa Bar – 91 E 7th St

Caracas Arepa BarP.C.: yelp, Nobel V.

Arepas are a cornmeal cake popular in Latin America that can be grilled or fried and they make great sandwiches when packed with tasty meats like roasted pork shoulder, grilled chicken or chorizo. When it comes to aprepas, Caracas Arepa Bar in the East Village is on top of our list and best of all, lunch here is easily less than $10.

Vegan Love – 263 E 10th St

Vegan Love BurgerP.C.: Vegan Love

Looking for a good vegan or vegetarian option in the neighborhood, we recommend Vegan Love. They have plenty of tempting options for organic and raw plant based food. Their menu is full of creative takes on classics like their mushroom burgers and their squash mac and cheese.

Caravan of Dreams – 405 E 6th St

Caravan of Dreams QuesadillaP.C.: yelp, Christopher M.

Caravan of Dreams is another amazing option for vegans and vegetarians and it is perfect for brunch. We have tried their breakfast burrito, Reuben and quesadilla and we love it all. We are often asking ourselves “is this dish really vegan”?!

Punjabi Deli – 114 E 1st St

Punjabi Deli LunchP.C.: yelp, Sam C.

When it comes to good cheap eats spots, Punjabi Deli has to be up there! It is a no frills Indian eatery with all sorts of yummy vegetarian dishes and snacks like their vegetable samosas, tandoori roti and chaat, a savoury Indian snack.

Confectionery – 440 E 9th St

Confectionery macaronsP.C.: yelp, Jess C.

Confectionery is a joint sweets shop between Sweet Maresa’s and Lagusta’s Luscious and there are so many tempting vegan treats to choose from! They have macrons, macron ice cream sandwiches, amazing brownies and yummy chocolate bites just to name a few. They even have snacks for dogs!

Mochii – 116 E 7th St

Mochii mochi ice creamP.C.: yelp, San C.

Finally if you want some top notch desserts in the area, there is Mochii. We are absolutely addicted to their bite size mochis, little rice cakes stuffed with ice cream. They taste as amazing as they look and you can’t go wrong with any of their flavors but our absolute favorite is black sesame! It just hits the spot on hot days.