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The Best Southeast Asian Restaurants in New York City

There is a lot more to Asian cuisine than Chinese or Japanese food. If you are looking to explore Asian cuisine further, we can help you find the best Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, Indonesian and Malaysian restaurants in the city. It is amazing that you can sample all these cuisines right in NYC without a 12+ hour flight. Here are Ahoy New York’s best Southeast Asian restaurants in New York City. Thai Son – 89 Baxter St Despite Thai in its name, Thai Son serves some of the best pho, (Vietnamese soup noodles) in Chinatown. Their pho is loaded with a range of delicious cuts of meats like brisket, tendons, beef meatballs etc. and it is all tied together with an amazing broth. Pho Hoai Restaurant – 1906 Ave U, Brooklyn Pho Hoai in Sheepshead Bay is another good place for…

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August 9, 2013