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Six Fun Things to Do in New York City for Thrill Seekers

Looking to get your adrenaline pumping? You may be surprised to find that New York City has a lot to offer for thrill seekers! So from a zipline across the Bronx River to a historic roller coaster in Coney Island, we are sharing with you six fun things to do in New York City for thrill seekers.

Ride the New Zipline in the Bronx Zoo

The new 400 foot long and 50 feet high zipline that sails across the Bronx River is the highlight of the new Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure. The views are simply breathtaking. In addition, there are the Nature Trek and ropes courses with varying degrees of difficulty so it can be fun for the whole family.

Try the World’s Spiciest Curry

Phall is widely considered the world’s spiciest curry and you can try some at the Brick Lane Curry House! Be warned though, you have to agree to a verbal disclaimer stating that you won’t hold Brick Lane liable for any physical or emotional damage that you can get for eating the curry. But if you finish your dish, you can be part of their phaal hall of fame!

Take a Class at a Trapeze School

You can get right in the middle of all the high flying action at the Trapeze School New York at the Hudson River Park. Learning aerial moves is definitely something different and it surely will be a memorable experience.

Ride the Cyclone

The Cyclone is a historic wooden roller coaster in Luna Park in Coney Island. The Cyclone features six fan turns and twelve drops and it can go as fast as 60 mph. This is a must for any roller coaster fan. There are also other thrill rides in Luna Park including the insane Sling Shot (which for the record we will never ride).

Catch the Waves in New York City

If you have a surfboard and gear already, you can just make your way to one of the many great surfing locations in New York City including Rockaway Beach and Long Beach. Haven’t surfed before but looking to try it? No problem, there are a bunch of surfing schools especially near Rockaway Beach that you can check out.

Zip Across the Hudson River

Finally riding a jet ski across the Hudson River is a great way to check out the sights and get your heart pumping. Don’t own a jet ski? You can just rent one. Similarly you can also check out the Beast or the Shark too. Both are speedboats that can zoom across the water at 45 mph and with the speed, the bumps and tight turns, you are sure to get wet!

Cyclone Roller Coaster