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The Seven Best Spanish Restaurants in New York City

Amada Tapas

Spanish cuisine is very diverse and it is one of the most exciting to explore. From delicious tapas to scrumptious seafood paellas, here are our picks for the seven best Spanish restaurants in New York City.

Socarrat Paella Bar – 284 Mulberry St & Other Locations

Socarrat Seafood Paella

One of our favorite Spanish dishes is paella and one of favorite places for paella is Socarrat. The rice is always cooked perfectly and it is absolutely loaded with seafood. We also love their wide selection of tapas. There is definitely something for everyone here.

Gato – 324 Lafayette St

Gato Bobby Flay

P.C.: Gato

Gato is Bobby Flay’s take on the Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. This is the go to place if you are looking for fun and innovative dishes. The kale and wild mushroom paella and the eggplant manchego appetizer are some of the dishes that really stand out.

Boqueria – 171 Spring St & Other Locations


P.C.: Boqueria

Boqueria is probably one of the most popular tapas restaurants in New York City. We love tapas because you can sample a bunch of different dishes in one sitting and there are so many tempting options here. With items like grilled octopus, garlic shrimp, lamb meatballs and creamy croquettes, the list of must try dishes can go on and on. This can be a good option for brunch.

Amada – 250 Vesey St

Amada seafood paella

Another good restaurant for tapas is Amada. It is a Jose Garces restaurant and it is located by the Brookfield Mall in Battery Park. We highly recommend trying their gambas al ajillo, patatas bravas and their empanadas. There is also a chef’s selection tapas tasting menu if you want to try a little of everything.

El Quijote – 226 W 23rd St

El Quijote Lobster

P.C.: yelp, Sierra B

The Spanish cuisine is also known for their delicious seafood and easily one of the best Spanish seafood restaurants is El Quijote. El Quijote is a historic Spanish eatery that first opened way back in 1930. In fact, it is the oldest Spanish restaurant in the city. Not much has changed since then and we love them for it. Shrimp, lobster, mussels, crabs? Yes please!

Sevilla Restaurant – 62 Charles St

Sevilla Restaurant Pulopo a la Gallega

P.C.: yelp, Ken S.

Sevilla is a classic restaurant that provides an authentic Spanish experience. They have top notch seafood paella, stuffed crab mushrooms and mussels and they are also renowned for their sangria.

Despaña – 408 Broome St

Despaña Chorizo

P.C.: Despaña

Finally you can’t talk about the Spanish cuisine without talking about the cheeses, chorizos and other delicious cured meats. They are very addictive and our go to spot for them is Despaña. Despaña is a mix of a grocery store and cafe and everything we have here is delicious. Be sure to order the charcuterie plate!