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The Seven Best Restaurants in New York City for Adventurous Eaters

Are you an adventurous eater looking for something a little different? If so, New York City is the place to be! There are a ton of options and here are the seven best restaurants in New York City for adventurous eaters. Be sure to come to these restaurants with an open mind and an empty stomach!

Black Ant – 60 2nd Ave

Black Ant is a modern Mexican restaurant in the East Village and it has to be on top of the list for any adventurous foodie. They are perhaps best known for their grasshoppers paired with salsa and yucca & manchego croquets. Yum! Similarly, you can also get grasshopper tacos at Toloache (205 Thompson St).

Dirt Candy – 86 Allen St

Vegetarian restaurants sometimes get a bad rap for being boring and bland. But Dirt Candy proves all that wrong with their quirky and wildly innovative vegetarian dishes. Grilled & smoked broccoli hot dogs, zucchini takoyaki and the celery cheesecake roll are just a few dishes that are sure to whet your appetite any day of the week.

Golden Unicorn Restaurant – 18 E Broadway

Chinese cuisine is perfect for adventurous eaters. For example, Golden Unicorn has all the dim sum staples including some of the more unusual fare like steamed chicken feet. Also for dinner, you can order jelly fish served cold or fish maw and crab soup. If you are still in the adventurous mood, be on the lookout for durian which you can find in some fruit stands in Chinatown.

Takashi – 456 Hudson St

At Takashi, you can try all sorts of cuts of beef including more unusual ones like tongue, stomach and ox tail and they are grilled right in front of you, on the middle of your table. In addition, for appetizers you can order intriguing dishes like calf’s brain cream, testicargot and beef schmaltz crostini.

Brick Lane Curry House – 99 2nd Ave

The phaal at Brick Lane Curry House is considered by many as the spiciest dish in New York City so it is definitely not for the faint of heart. Prior to placing your order, you have to agree to sign a disclaimer so that Brick Lane won’t liable for any physical or emotional damage. We honestly can’t say how it tastes because we won’t even dare try it!

Despana – 408 Broome St

Blood sausage aka black sausage is a staple of Latin cuisine but it is harder to find in the United States and it is definitely weird if you have never heard of it before. Look for morcilla on the menu at Despana to try some!

OddFellows Ice Cream Co – 75 E 4th St & 175 Kent Ave, Brooklyn

Finally if you are looking for a dessert that is sure to wow you, how about OddFellows Ice Cream Co? They have weird ice cream flavors like miso peanut butter, chorizo caramel swirl and prosciutto melon. Flavors are always rotating so you just never know what to expect here!