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Seven Best Free Things to Do in New York City, Spring and Summer 2019

Bryant Park Board Games

A trip to New York City doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little planning you can actually do a lot for free! So with that in mind, here are seven best free things to do in New York City this spring and summer. You can play board games, go to free concerts, ride a ferry and more.

Take Pictures at the Vessel in Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards Vessel

P.C.: wikipedia, Epicgenius

Hudson Yards has had a ton of buzz ever since it opened and the center point of the Hudson Yards is the Vessel. The Vessel is definitely an attention grabber and it actually encourages you to climb it and take lots of photos! Going up the Vessel is free but you still have to get tickets in advance.

Walk Along the High Line

The Highline NYC

Another fun thing to do in New York City that is completely free is walking along the High Line. The High Line was an elevated railroad line that was only recently converted into a beautiful park. All the sections are now open and it stretches from Gansevoort Street (which is slightly below West 14th Street) to West 34th Street. In fact, you can walk along the High Line to get to the Hudson Yards.

Play Board Games at Bryant Park

Bryant Park Catan Tournament

Bryant Park has a ton of fun free things to do including an art cart, ping pong tables, mini golf and movie nights but our favorite thing to do here is to play board games! There is a games cart that is open from 11-7 PM. There are also board game meetups every Tuesday (word games), Wednesday (Catan) and Friday (“learn a new game” night) and the Game Night Kickoff Celebration is Saturday, April 27 starting at 1 PM.

Check Out the Main Branch of the New York Public Library

New York Public Library Main Branch

P.C.: wikipedia, OptimumPx

Also in Bryant Park is the main branch of the New York Public Library aka Stephen A. Schwarzman Building. There are a ton of fascinating things to see here like the Rose Main Reading Room and the lion statues that stand guard, Patience and Fortitude. The library also offers free tours of this historic building.

Explore Central Park

Central Park at Night

One of our favorite things to do in Central Park is to just wander around. You just never know what you might come across. For example, you can come across Belvedere Castle, free Summerstage concerts, a tribute to John Lennon or even the Obelisk (oldest man-made object in Central Park).

Walk Across the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge park

One of favorite things to do in New York City, especially at night, is to walk across both the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. Both offer breathtaking views of the New York City skyline.

Ride the Staten Island Ferry

Staten Island Ferry

P.C.: wikipedia, Daniel Schwen

Finally, after all these years, the Staten Island Ferry is still free! It passes the Statue Liberty and also offers great views of Lower Manhattan. Each trip is about 25 minutes long and you can get back on the ferry right away when you get to Staten Island.