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NYC Foodie Link Roundup: The Oldest Italian Bakeries, Where to Eat in Citi Field & More!

New York City is always buzzing with excitement, so we wanted to gather up some of the best articles and blog posts that we could find about New York City and the diverse New York City food scene. You’ll be hearing from us each month as we continue a blog series we call the NYC Foodie Link Roundup! This month we explore the oldest Italian bakeries in New York City, where to eat in Citi Field and more. Without further ado…

What to Eat at New York’s Citi Field, 2015 Edition
First off, baseball is finally back! Citi Field, home of the New York Mets has surprisingly a lot of options for foodies. Shake Shack is always on our list when we are there.

Breaking Free of Steakhouse Wine List Tradition
This is an interesting read on the evolution of wine lists featured at steakhouses. More options for diners is always a good thing.

Top 10 Cities in the World for Marriage Proposals
Look who is on top of the list!

Goodyear Wanted to Create a Giant Conveyor Belt to Carry People Between Grand Central & Times Square
This is a fascinating look back at what could have been. An endless train was proposed back in 1951 to connect Grand Central and Times Square. Would that have been a better alternative than the shuttle trains we have today?

Stroll Around Le District, The Giant New French Food Playground In Brookfield Place
If you haven’t visited Le District already, it is an absolute must for any foodie! We just can’t resist their candies and pastries.

Best-Kept Secrets of NYC from the City’s Savviest Celebs and Insiders
There are a lot of good tips and suggestions for locals and visitors to New York City alike.

The Oldest Italian Bakeries and Pastry Shops in NYC
You can sample some of Ferrara Bakery’s delicious cannolis on our food tour of Chinatown & Little Italy! Caffe Roma Pastry, Cafe La Bella Ferrara, Caffe Palermo are also Italian bakeries in Little Italy that we highly recommend.

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