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NYC Link Roundup: Help Small Businesses in Chinatown & Little Italy

Chinatown Mural Tour Shot

We hope everyone is safe and maintaining social distancing. All of us at Ahoy New York Tours & Tasting can’t wait to show you all the foodie ins and outs of Chinatown, Little Italy and Nolita once again! In this month’s NYC Foodie Link Roundup, we look at ways to help small businesses in Chinatown & Little Italy, some updates and more.

Chinatown Needs Your Love More Than Ever Right Now
Can a 100-Year-Old Restaurant Survive This Shutdown? Nom Wah’s Future Hangs in the Balance
We are saddened that so many in the restaurant business in Chinatown are struggling not just now with all the closures but for weeks before. Both Chinatown and Little Italy are home to so many unique restaurants and shops and it sure is a tough time for everyone.

As COVID-19 Spreads, Manhattan’s Chinatown Contemplates a Bleak Future
Unfortunately, there is not much we can do right now. The best thing you can do is to just stay safe by continuing to wash your hands and to follow all the social distancing guidelines. One thing you can do though to help these restaurants and shops is to follow these small businesses’ social media and show them your support where ever you can. When all of this is over we are sure there will be many efforts to revitalize these exciting foodie neighborhoods and Ahoy New York is definitely going to be part of it!

Restaurants in Chinatown That are Still Open
Not all the restaurants in Chinatown are closed right now. This is a great list of all the restaurants still open in the neighborhood doing delivery or takeout. As you can see, there is still a great diversity of yummy options.

Let’s Stay Safe—and Save 30% on Ahoy New York Food Tours
Finally one of the best ways you can help support Ahoy New York and all their tour partners in Chinatown and Little Italy (many of these are small businesses and family owned) during this difficult time is to purchase tickets and gift certificates for future use. Plus if you buy now, you are getting a great deal! We are offering 30% off all public and private tours and gift certificates with the code KEEPON20. Gift certificates will not expire.

Piemonte Ravioli Tour Shot

Be sure to follow Ahoy New York Tours and Tasting on all our social media: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. We have a lot of exciting things to share with you like videos on what the Ahoy New York staff has been doing while maintaining social distancing and highlights on what make some of our tour partners and small businesses in Chinatown and Little Italy so special.

Stay safe and stay in touch!