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Five Non- Traditional Alternatives to Thanksgiving Dinner in New York City

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

If you still trying to determine where you should have your Thanksgiving meal, here are five non- traditional alternatives to Thanksgiving dinner in New York City to spice things up.

Thanksgiving Pizza from Pizza by Certe
You can avoid all the work and all the mess and have an entire Thanksgiving meal (turkey meatball, mashed potatoes with gravy, butternut squash and cranberries) on a single pie of delicious pizza.

Jive Turkey’s Deep Fried Turkey
Jive Turkey’s deep fried turkey comes in all sorts of flavors such as Jamaican Jerk, Mexican Mole and Peking style for foodies who want to be a more adventurous with their Thanksgiving turkeys.

Havana Central’s Thanksgiving Dinner
You can have an authentic Cuban Thanksgiving dinner at Havana Central featuring sweet plantains, Cuban spiced turkey, chorizo stuffing and more. If that doesn’t whet your appetite, you can also order a whole roasted suckling pig.

Bateaux Thanksgiving Dinner Cruise
What better way to enjoy Thanksgiving than dinner on a boat, a luxury cruise to be exact.

Third Annual Turkey Leg Ball 2012 XMAS From Texas
If not a cruise, how about a massive party thrown by the food bloggers Immaculate Infatuation. It stars a dinner by chefs Ned and Jodi Elliott of Foreign & Domestic in Austin, Texas.