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Exciting, New Restaurants in Chinatown and Little Italy

Walk around Chinatown and Little Italy and you will see both have undergone a lot of changes that last two years or so. Among the changes, new restaurants are seemingly popping up every month. So from buzzworthy breakfast spots to local burger joints, here is a bunch of exciting, new restaurants in Chinatown and Little Italy that we want to highlight.

Breakroom Burgers & Tacos – 83 Baxter St
A few years ago, a burger joint in Chinatown would be unheard of but now we have Breakroom Burgers & Tacos. We love their signature Breakroom burger which has an Angus beef patty, pork belly, onion rings, an egg, jalapenos, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. It sounds delicious and trust us it is delicious!

Black Seed – 170 Elizabeth St
New York City is known for their bagels and Black Seed’s bagels have been the talk of the town since they opened. Their bagels are all hand rolled and baked in a wood fire oven. They are arguably the best bagels in New York City (big words we know). If the line in the original location is too long, there is a new location in the Hudson Eats food court in the Winter Garden.

Baz Bagel and Restaurant – 181 Grand St
Bagels seem to be the in thing as Baz Bagel and Restaurant also opened nearby. Baz Bagel and Restaurant is a fun breakfast spot that specializes in bagels (no surprise) and classic Jewish fare like matzoh brei and potato latkes.

Bacchanal – 146 Bowery
Upscale dining was also almost unheard of just two years ago in Little Italy and Chinatown and yet on the outskirts of Chinatown, there is Bacchanal. The kitchen is headed by Scott Bryan who previously was the head chef of Apiary, one of our favorite restaurants of all time. Bacchanal itself is an American restaurant with Spanish, Italian and French influences. Everything we have tried is out of this world but we are especially excited by their chilled corn veloute.

99 Favor Taste – 285 Grand St
We love, love, LOVE 99 Favor Taste! All you can eat BBQ is only $25.99 and if you add hot pot it is only an additional $5. There are all sorts of cuts of meats, seafood and vegetables to choose from. It is a lot of fun and a great bargain.

Sharkey’s Cafe – 48 Mulberry St
Sharkey’s Cafe is a small, homely cafe across the street from Columbus Park. They have amazing sandwiches that start with bread from Balthazar and piled with fresh, tasty ingredients. Our favorite is the Pope Francis with prosciutto, mozzarella and arugula. It is a classic Italian flavor combination that is hard to beat.

99 Favor Taste BBQ