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Craving something sweet?

Lately I find myself strolling through the streets of New York City feeling like a kid in a candy store! With the recent craze for the ever child-like cupcake its hard not to find yourself stopping to try the latest flavor paired with the perfect sugary sweet frosting. Beyond cupcakes there are heaps of chocolate chip cookies out there that just may top your mother’s recipe! How about the frozen hot chocolate that Serendipity made famous now found in several spots?! Let’s not forget about all the gourmet chocolate shops you can find yourself wandering into; sometimes I wonder if I am a cast member in the movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”!

So while in my spare time I’ve been discovering all the sweet sights of NYC, I thought to myself why not share this experience with my Ahoy New York Tours & Tasting visitors! Now that the weather is warming up there is no better time to enjoy the sunshine and sweets NYC has to offer.

Join us for a Sweet Sights tour in the Upper West Side -one of Manhattan’s best kept secret neighborhoods, home to Central Park and many of your favorite celebrities! We’ll stroll along tasting different goodies and see great architecture, learn where celebrities live and maybe even see one!