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Chinatown Food Tour in New York City

Locals and visitors alike find that discovering New York City’s historic Chinatown is always a fun filled adventure. This is also true on Ahoy New York Food Tour’s Chinatown Food Tour in New York City. For the past three years Ahoy New York Food Tours has been leading visitors and locals alike on walking tours of Chinatown. On our tours we enlighten participants with fun facts, history, and stories about this unique NYC neighborhood.

During our visit we also find it imperative to discover the culture—we engage in the culture through tasting ethnic foods! On our tour we sample items such as authentic Chinese dumplings, a variety of Thai dishes, and homemade Chinese ice cream.  We also stop at a fun neighborhood “candy store” and sample items such as dried ginger, plum, and beef jerky.

As we walk through the narrow streets of Chinatown we stop and visit Columbus Park and chat about its significance to the neighborhood and learn about the former “5 Points” neighborhood. We also visit the former “bloody angle” and learn about Chinese gangs and their past role in Chinatown.  On our journey, tour goers become to feel comfortable with the streets of Chinatown and learn of many places to visit post tour, such as tea shops, Dim Sum restaurants, “cellar” restaurants and souvenir shops.

Through food tasting and storytelling one will leave our tour knowing where the oldest tenement stands, where to find the bizarre fruit called the durian, where to eat an amazing Peking duck and lastly where the best bubble tea can be found.