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Buongiorno Calabria: An Online Italian Cooking Class

Calabrian cookies

Let’s travel to Calabria, Italy with Ahoy NY Virtual Cooking Experiences! 

October is here and just like that the chill is in the air, the leaves are changing, and the excitement of Halloween candy is palpable! ‘Tis the season for those of us with a sweet tooth ready to get baking and making treats that will keep our friends and family asking for more! 

We had a blast during our first fall virtual class in September! It was such a delight to see what has become our cooking club back together again. We are back this month with a Calabrian desserts class and all are invited. 

We continue our virtual travels to the region of Calabria, Italy. This southwestern, point of the boot offers a vast culinary tradition from town to town, with recipe variations happening even from family to family. Calabria is known for its rich agriculture, producing much of Italy’s olives and citrus fruits such as bergamot. It’s also known for the incredibly sweet, light purple onion, the Tropea, as well as red hot chili peppers. No, not the band! The yummy Italian pepper with its rich red color, fruity flavor, and a nice level of heat for those of us that love spicy food.

Traditional Calabrian Dessert


Our next virtual cooking class will take place on Sunday, October 17th at 11 am ET. This class will be all about the desserts and perfect for those of you with a sweet tooth! We’ll be making 2 traditional Calabrian desserts: The first is called Melanzane al cioccolato- eggplant layered and filled with ricotta and chocolate. Yes, eggplant and chocolate! Who knew you could have eggplant as a dessert? OH…the Calabrese did! This dessert is usually seen in August for Ferragosto, a national holiday that takes place on August 15th. The second dessert we’ll be making is Susumelle- cinnamon chocolate cookies or biscuits dipped in chocolate, traditionally seen during the Christmas season. Both were once only seasonal treats that you would have to wait for but who wants to wait? These have become popular all year round! As always, we love to use traditional recipes not often found outside of the regions they come from and adapted. 

We hope you’ll join us on our culinary adventure and bring a friend or two. The price is $40 per screen and there’s no limit on how many people can join you in your home kitchen! This is such a fun class to do with your friends, family, and co-workers, no matter the age or location! Visit our website to book your spot!

What are people saying about our virtual cooking experiences? 

This is such a wonderful class. I look forward to cooking with Liz and Alana every month. I have learned to make pasta, sauces, and a variety of other dishes. Thank you Liz and Alana for starting the classes again this fall! DME, NY

Thank you, Alana and Liz! Another great cooking class! It was nice being back with my cooking friends. Looking forward to the next class!

You’re the best! PCH, NY

It’s always so much fun! GHM, NY


Traditional Calabrian Dessert