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Ahoy New York’s Top Six Diners in New York City

Great diners are usually teeming with people at all hours of the day looking for good simple food for cheap. There is just something so inviting about diners and they play an invaluable role in the city. Here are our favorites, here are Ahoy New York’s top six diners in New York City.

Everest Diner – 22 Chatham Sq
Everest Diner is a classic, old school Greek diner in Chinatown. It is a place where you know you can start the morning right with a good, hearty breakfast. For example, you can’t go wrong with two eggs over easy, some bacon and a huge pile of home fries. They also make delicious pancakes and for a little snack later in the day, they also make a great baklava.

Little Poland – 200 2nd Ave
Little Poland is a Polish diner that makes our favorite lamb shank in the NYC. It is just perfect with a cucumber salad and some kasha on the side. For appetizers, they also have awesome pierogies which you must get with their “very special sauce”.

Odessa – 119 Ave A
Odessa in the East Village is a diner that is open late so it is no surprise that the menu is perfect for anyone craving a late night snack. We love their Polska kielbasa and Odessa is also another great place for pierogies.

Remedy Diner – 245 E Houston St
Another late night option is Remedy Diner. First and foremost, they make amazing milkshakes. To go with their milkshakes, they have a large menu full of yummy burgers, sandwiches, wraps, salads and more so there is bound to be something for everyone.

Cup & Saucer – 89 Canal St
Cup & Saucer is tiny no frills diner that is like a throwback to years past. It just serves delicious food all day, everyday, breakfast, lunch and dinner. We can’t even tell you how many bacon and egg sandwiches we have gotten here.

Waverly Diner – 385 Ave of the Americas
Waverly Diner has been around for years and recently went through a major renovation but it manages to keep some of its old school charm. With good service, good food, good atmosphere, a ton of choices, this is the type of place you can be a regular for decades.