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7 Ways to Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Dinner in New York City

Are you looking for ways to spice up your Thanksgiving dinner in New York City? Here are some tips and ideas. To start, one big tip is that you should definitely plan ahead and preorder what you need as most shops and restaurants are sure to be swamped on Thanksgiving. A little planning goes a long way!

A quality dinner starts with quality ingredients

When you plan a Thanksgiving dinner, you have to start with the turkey so a quality meat market and butcher is an invaluable resource. One such place is Luis Meat Market, who has been in the Essex Street Market (120 Essex St) for decades. Trust us you can taste the difference! In fact, the Essex Street Market is a one stop shop where you can buy fresh seafood, cheese, vegetables, bread and more so you can check multiple things off your list in one trip!

Shop at Eataly

Another market to keep an eye on is Eataly (200 Fifth Ave & 101 Liberty St, Fl 3). Eataly is another one stop shop and they have some delicious pre-made or easy to prepare dishes and appetizers including Thanksgiving staples like stuffing. Also when shopping at Eataly be sure to get recipes and tips from their helpful staff to make sure your dinner goes off without a hitch!

Try the country style duck from Bo Ky Restaurant

Bo Ky Country Duck

If turkey is too boring or if you are looking for something a little different, maybe the country style duck from Bo Ky Restaurant (80 Bayard St) can be the star of your Thanksgiving dinner. It is full of flavor and it adds an Asian twist.

Get snacks from Di Palo’s and Alleva Dairy

Di Palos Little Italy Shop

You can shop for the ultimate cheese plate or snacks like prosciutto and cured sausages at Di Palo’s Fine Foods (200 Grand St) or the oldest Italian cheese shop Alleva Dairy (188 Grand St). Both are in Little Italy and both offer an amazing selection of yummy treats.

Don’t forget the pies!

All our Thanksgiving dinners have to have pies! For scrumptious pies, we like the Little Pie Company (424 W 43rd St) or Pies-n-Thighs (166 S 4th St, Brooklyn). They will have all your fall favorites like pumpkin pies, apple pies and sweet potato pies and they are all amazing!

Dessert from Eileen’s Special Cheesecake

Eileen's Special Cheesecake

You have to end your Thanksgiving dinner the right way and we suggest a mixed fruit cheesecake from Elieen’s Cheesecake (17 Cleveland Pl). It is wildly addictive and it is sure to be a huge hit with friends and family. It has been a yearly tradition for us!

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Feast at Ulysses

Finally if you want to skip all the fuss in prepping Thanksgiving dinner, how about a Thanksgiving feast at Ulysses (95 Pearl St). They will have all you can eat turkey, ham, beef wellington, vegetables, pies and more for only $34.95. Ulysses is a lively Irish pub and restaurant in the heart of the Financial District and a huge plus is that you can watch all the NFL games as you feast!