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7 More Amazing Restaurants in Chinatown, NYC with Outdoor Seating

Milk & Cream Cookie Crisp Carnival Ice Cream Swirl

In the last few weeks, we have been so excited that there have been a lot more options for dining outdoors in Chinatown! Here are 7 more amazing restaurants in Chinatown, New York City with outdoor seating. Check out our other blog post for even more yummy options for outdoor dining.

Wo Hop – 17 Mott St

Wo Hop Chinese FoodP.C.: yelp, Nicholas C.

If you are looking for al fresco dining in Chinatown, there are many excellent restaurants with plenty of seats centered around Mott Street, Doyers Street and Bayard Street. Wo Hop is a very popular restaurant on Mott Street that has all the Cantonese comfort foods like wonton noodle soup, beef chow fun and pork fried rice. Kong Sihk Tong (65 Bayard St) is another great restaurant that specializes in Cantonese comfort foods nearby.

Ping’s Seafood – 22 Mott St


Ping’s is our favorite seafood restaurant in Chinatown and they are also offering outdoor dining on Mott Street. We missed their Cantonese style seafood dishes like their steamed flounder and their stir fried lobster with ginger and scallions. They are so delicious!

Buddha Bodai – 5 Mott St

Buddha Bodai Vegetarian DishesP.C.: yelp, Sydney A.

For vegetarians, also on Mott Street there is Buddha Bodai. They are best known for their vegetarian takes on classic Chinese dim sum dishes like their “shrimp” dumplings and “ribs” with black bean sauce. Bodhi Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant (77 Mulberry St) is another good vegetarian Chinese restaurant.

Deluxe Green Bo – 66 Bayard St

Deluxe Green Bo Fried BunsP.C.: yelp, Chris E.

If you are craving Shanghainese dishes, you are in luck! Many Shanghainese restaurants in the neighborhood are offering outdoor seating like Deluxe Green Bo. You can get their Shanghai lo mein, wine chicken, scallion pancakes and most importantly their Shanghai soup dumplings. Yum! Other Shanghainese restaurants with seating that we recommend include Shanghai Asian Cuisine (14A Elizabeth St), New Shanghai Deluxe (50 Mott St) and Joe’s Shanghai (46 Bowery).

Jing Fong – 20 Elizabeth St

Jing Fong Shrimp Rice Noodle RollP.C.: yelp, Connie Y.

One of our favorite things to do in Chinatown is to get some dim sum with friends and family. Jing Fong is one of the largest dim sum restaurants in New York City and we are happy to see them reopen with a few seats on Elizabeth Street. Other yummy dim sum options with outdoor dining include Nom Wah Tea Parlor (13 Doyers St) and Dim Sum Go Go (5 E Broadway).

Thai Son – 89 Baxter St

Thai Son Pho Noodles

Thai Son is one of the best cheap eats spots in Chinatown. Their pho is top notch and always packed with flavor. Ajisen Ramen (14 Mott St) is another great option for noodles with al fresco dining.

Milk & Cream Cereal Bar – 159 Mott St

Milk & Cream Milkshake

Finally looking for desserts or some sweet treats? You have to check out one of our favorite ice cream shops, Milk & Cream for all their quirky concoctions. Pinklady Cheese Tart (11 Mott St) and Sweet House Drinks and Desserts (67 Bayard St) are more amazing dessert shops in the neighborhood.