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The Best Street Food in New York City

Street food is an integral part of local cuisine in many cultures. New York City is often described as a melting pot of cultures so it is no surprise that NYC has a very bright, vibrant street food scene. All in all it is a great opportunity to pick up cheap, scrumptious lunches. To start, here is Ahoy New York’s list of the best street food in New York City.

Chinatown Shish Kabob Cart – Under the Manhattan Bridge on Division St
There used to be several shish kabob carts in Chinatown but one of the few that remains is one of the originals. The cart moves around a bit but it is usually under the Manhattan Bridge on Division St. On the menu, you can choose from squid, chicken, beef or lamb on a stick. All are great, tasty snacks for any foodie or anyone on a budget.

Banh Mi Cart – Pearl St & Hanover Sq
The Banh Mi Cart serves yummy Vietnamese sandwiches and they have been a staple in the Financial District lunch scene for years. One of their more unusual sandwiches that we are a huge fan of is their pork roll & eggs baguette. Just picture a “normal” Vietnamese sandwich with an omelet. You also can’t beat their classic grilled chicken baguette.

Nuchas – Times Square
Nuchas has a food stand right at the heart of Times Square. The empanadas are undeniably delicious and there are several interesting fillings to choose from.

Smokeline – On the Highline
The Smokeline is the BBQ food outpost of BrisketTown on the Highline. It is currently closed for the winter but it will reopen next summer and we can’t wait! Our favorite here is The Deckle which stars their amazing smoked brisket.

Halal Food Carts – Various Locations
Halal food carts are seemingly everywhere in New York City and lunch goers all have their favorites. Our favorite is a Halal food cart on 46th Street and 6th Ave. Their chicken over rice is full of flavor and the box is always packed to the rim so it is a great bargain for $5. Every customer is met with a nice greeting from the staff and every order is served with a smile. Another good halal cart is the Halal Guys on 6th Ave & W 53rd St.

Kwik Meal Cart – 110 W 45th St
If the picture with Bobby Flay and the Vendy awards in any indication, Chef Mohammed Rahman’s original Kwik Meal Cart is truly special. Their falafal, chicken kati rolls and lamb over rice all stand out. Be on the lookout for daily specials like goat, salmon and more!

Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich Deli Chicken Banh Mi

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