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Tasty Global Bites – A Culinary Journey through Nolita, Little Italy & Chinatown

A Walking Food Tour

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Discover 3 NYC neighborhoods, taste foods from 6 different cultures & learn about the area’s storied past.  This tour has 3 seated tastings and 3 on-the-go tastings to ensure that you explore both neighborhoods in 3 hours.

  • Delicious and unique food tastings from six different eateries that feature cuisine from around the globe.
  • Tastings are split between seated (1-3 stops) and on-the-go (3 stops) to ensure that you explore all 3 neighborhoods in 3 hours.
  • All food tastings are included and combined are considered a hearty meal.
  • For guests 21 and up, option to enjoy a glass of wine at a seated tasting with no additional cost.
  • Explore an exciting NYC Street with a fascinating history, blended cultures and an up and coming culinary scene.
  • Tours conducted in small intimate groups led by a friendly licensed guide to ensure a personable experience.
  • This tour is significantly different from our signature tour of Chinatown and Little Italy.

Discover three NYC foodie neighborhoods as you taste foods from six different cultures and learn about the area’s storied and secret past. All ages are welcome!

Join us for a culinary journey as we travel through 3 NYC neighborhoods, Nolita, Little Italy and Chinatown. On this tour you will enjoy six hearty and dynamic tastings that represent six cultures– not to mention an opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine. Our knowledgeable tour guides will entertain you with exciting stories and secrets of the area’s past and its ever-changing food scene. Do you like learning about crime and police stories? This tour reveals the “real life” Law and Order of these neighborhoods, including the famous former NYC police headquarters.

This tour is unique from our signature tour in that we explore multiple cuisines from around the world. On the Tasty Global Bites tour tastings will include foods from Spain, Israel, Italy, France, Japan, and China. Some of the cuisine you will enjoy has been a part of the neighborhoods for several years– while many of the restaurants have recently become a part of the ever-evolving NYC dining scene. Start the tour by sinking your teeth into a traditional Spanish churro, followed by imported and delicious French cheeses. From there you will indulge delicious falafel, a dish of scrumptious pasta with an option to pair with the perfect glass of wine. During the last leg of the tour, we’ll taste amazing Japanese rice ball (onigiri) and finally a decadent scoop of gelato.

Enjoy a Hearty Stroll in Nolita, Little Italy and Chinatown with These Delicious Tastings

  • Imported French Cheeses
  • Delicious Falafel
  • Scrumptious Fresh Pasta (Option to Pair with Wine or Beer)
  • Onigiri (Japanese rice ball)
  • AMAZING Gelato

Food Tour Highlights:

  • Off-the-beaten-path tour for locals and visitors alike
  • Historical content valued as a surprising bonus along with the food tastings
  • Wine tasting included
  • Limited group size: 12 people
  • Delicious food and authentic tastings of some of the best these neighborhoods have to offer
  • Friendly and fun tour guides
  • An unforgettable NYC experience

Food Tour Additional Information:

  • Tastings combined are a hearty meal.
  • Great for socializing. Small group size. Max of 12.
  • Vegetarian substitutions are available. Please notify us of any allergies.
  • Wine pairing included with pasta tasting.
  • Rain or shine.
  • Restrooms are available throughout the tour.
Guests enjoying a meal together on a food tour


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Yum, Fun and So Informative! Tasty Global Bites – A Culinary Journey through Nolita, Little Italy & Chinatown

This tour is amazing. Liz, our guide, was very personable and knowledgeable. We had an array of delicious food from various ethnicities (and plenty to fill you up). We enjoyed learning the history of Nolita and walking around to see it. I also love this is a woman owned small business. I highly recommend the tour!

– kathym552015 | Tripadvisor
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Loved the Taste of Mulberry Street! Tasty Global Bites – A Culinary Journey through Nolita, Little Italy & Chinatown

Our guide Liz was wonderful, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. We loved learning the history of Mulberry street and the surrounding area. The food and places we visited were wonderful and really diverse.

– Albert D. | TripAdvisor
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Set our Vacation Apart Tasty Global Bites – A Culinary Journey through Nolita, Little Italy & Chinatown

We took this tour in April 2019 with Liz as our guide and I can't imagine how our experience could have been better. The tour took us through the diverse restaurants that’s populate the Mulberry Street. Not only did we get to taste our way through them, but we also learned about the history of what made each neighborhood unique and we visited areas that I never would have dreamed of visiting without a local's perspective. We saw a part of NYC that I don't know if I ever would have experienced without this tour. Honestly, I wasn't looking forward to the tour - it was my husband's pick and I'm not an adventurous eater so I was more than a little worried about what we would try. I didn't need to worry whatsoever, Liz explained each dish and everything was great. It was fun, educational, and super filling - we will definitely be doing another tour in the future!

– Danielle W. | TripAdvisor