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Cheap Eats: The Best Fried Chicken in New York City for Under $10

on January 11, 2019

Whether you are craving classic crispy Southern fried chicken or maybe delicious Korean fried chicken, you can get some really good chicken in New York City! So with that in mind, here are our cheap eat picks for the best fried chicken in New York City for under $10. Also check out our other cheap eat picks including the best burgers, the best pizza and the best sandwiches.

Art Bird & Whiskey Bar – Grand Central Terminal Dining Concourse

Art Bird Fried Chicken

We were very excited when Art Smith finally opened a place in New York City. He brings his signature Southern classics in Art Bird and that includes some of his amazing fried chicken. It is easily the best lunch spot in the Grand Central Terminal dining concourse. Two pieces of fried chicken, sweet potato salad and a buttermilk biscuit for only $9!

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken – 28 E 1st St & 749 9th Ave

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken 2 Piece Dark Meal

Blue Ribbon’s fried chicken is absolutely packed with flavor and we also love trying all their yummy sauces like wildflower honey, habanero hot sauce and BRBBQ. Two drumsticks, fries and coleslaw for $10!

Hill Country Chicken – 1123 Broadway

Hill Country Fried Chicken

Hill Country Chicken is another go to spot for classic Southern food and fried chicken in New York City. Their fried chicken lunch specials are all around $10 and for a few bucks more, you can get their yummy chicken and waffles for brunch.

Dirty Bird To Go – 155 Chambers St & 204 W 14th St

Dirty Bird Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Dirty Bird is our takeout spot for fried chicken because their chicken is still super juicy even when you bring it back home. Their lunch special includes two pieces of their buttermilk dipped fried chicken, fries and coleslaw and all for just $10!

Captain’s Fried Chicken – 39 Madison St A

Captain Fried ChickenP.C.: yelp, Linh L.

Captain’s Fried Chicken is a no frills cheap eats spot in Two Bridges and they have some tasty fried chicken! It is probably one of the best bang for your buck places in New York City. You can get five pieces of fried chicken mixed, mash potatoes, coleslaw and three rolls for $9! That is a enough food for two and best of all, it is open late.

Bonchon Chicken – 207 W 38th St & Other Locations

Bon Chon Korean Fried ChickenP.C.: yelp, Richard T.

Finally if you are looking for Korean fried chicken, Bonchon Chicken has a lunch special for $9.95 which has either 8 wings or 4 drumsticks. It is a great deal! Plus there are two flavors to choose from spicy or soy garlic. We like to get a mix of both!

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