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The Best Shopping & Food Options in South Street Seaport and Pier 17

The historic South Street Seaport district was hit hard by Superstorm Sandy just over three months ago. This area of NYC is still in rebuilding mode. While many shops and restaurants are still closed, several have since reopened and the neighborhood is slowly but noticeably getting back to normal. With that in mind, we’d like to highlight some the best shopping and dining options in South Street Seaport and Pier 17 that you can visit today. Christmas in New York – Pier 17 Mall, 2nd Floor Other than a few restaurants in the third floor, Pier 17 is open for business. One of our favorite shops in Pier 17 is Christmas in New York where you can get Christmas ornaments and other Christmas themed items all year round. Tabasco Grill – Pier 17 Mall, 3rd Floor You can take a…

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February 1, 2013