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The Seven Best Dessert Spots in Chinatown and Little Italy

on April 22, 2016

Chinatown Food Tour, NYC Desserts

There is no shortage of options for dessert in New York City. In particular, there is a number of excellent desserts that you can find in Chinatown and Little Italy such as Asian-inspired ice creams and tasty cannoli. So here are the seven best dessert spots in these two neighborhoods. Make sure you save room for dessert! And after reading this if you are hoping to try some of these great dessert places come take our Little Italy Food TourChinatown Food Tour with us!

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

65 Bayard St

Chinatown nyc dessert Ice Cream Factory
P.C.: yelp, Christina S.

First and foremost, the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory is still the premier ice cream shop in the neighborhood. There is always a huge line and it is well worth it. Some of our favorite flavors are actually the more “unusual” Asian-inspired flavors like almond cookie, black sesame, red bean, and lychee.

10 Below

10 Mott St

Chinatown dessert at 10 Below
P.C.: yelp, Jenny L.

10 Below is one of the newer additions to the dessert scene in Chinatown and Little Italy and to be honest the lines for 10 Below can be almost as long as the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. 10 Below serves Thai inspired rolled ice cream and it is always fascinating to see them work on your dessert. Their rolled ice cream is like a work of art and it is so delicious.


60 Mulberry St

chinatown dessert at Eggloo

Our final recommendation for ice cream is Eggloo. It combines two of our favorite snacks, Hong Kong cakes and ice cream! The Hong Kong cakes are like a giant waffle and it is topped with ice cream and as much toppings as you desire.

Mango Mango

63 Bayard St

Chinatown nyc dessert at Mango Mango

If you love mangoes like us, then Mango Mango has to be on top of your to do list. They have mango slushes, mango ice cream, mango with grass jelly, mango crepes and a whole lot more. Of course, mango isn’t the only thing on the menu. They also have yummy red bean desserts which we also love.

Beautiful Memory Desserts

69 Bayard St

chinatown dessert at Beautiful Memory Desserts
P.C.: yelp, Shirley L.

Near Mango Mango and the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, there is also Beautiful Memory Desserts. They have all sorts of unusual desserts in all sorts of unusual combinations. If you are in an adventurous mood, try the durian pancake!

M’o Il Gelato

178 Mulberry St

little italy dessert at M'o Il Gelato
P.C.: yelp, Chris S.

There are also great dessert spots in the Little Italy too. We love gelato and when it comes to gelato, we recommend M’o Il Gelato. They have all the classic Italian flavors like tiramisu and stracciatella along with delicious concoctions like their gelato panino, gelato served on a warm brioche bun.

Ferrara’s Bakery

195 Grand St

little italy dessert at Ferrara's Bakery Cannoli

Finally, the cannoli from Ferrara’s Bakery are easily the cream of the crop when it comes to Italian pastry. The shell is always fresh and crunchy and the filling is always amazing. If you are looking for something a little different, their lobster tail is also scrumptious.

Do you have any more recommendations for good dessert spots in Chinatown and Little Italy? Let us know in the comment section below.

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