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The Seven Best Restaurants in New York City for Dining Solo

Cocoron Restaurant

There are a lot of advantages for dining alone! Sometimes you just need some peace and quiet; sometimes it is just easier to get a table at a busy restaurant. So whether you are look for a quick lunch or a nice dinner, here are the seven best restaurants in New York City for dining solo.

Ramen Lab – 70 Kenmare St

Ramen Lab

Ramen Lab is one of the restaurants that is a lot easier to a get a seat when you are alone. It is a very popular experimental ramen bar where you can try some really interesting ramens from chefs from around the world. But there are only 10 seats in the restaurant so the wait time can be very long and can be nearly impossible to get into if you have a larger group.

Ichiran Ramen – 132 West 31st St & 374 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn

Ichiran Ramen Booth

P.C.: yelp, Raymond L.

Ichiran Ramen is probably one the most interesting new restaurants in New York City. It is a popular ramen chain from Japan that is renown of their delicious tonkotsu ramen. It is also famous for their “ramen focus booths” which are perfect for dining alone. This is a great option if you are looking for a break from all the hustle and bustle of New York City during lunch.

Joe’s Pizza – 150 E 14th St & Other Locations

Joe's Pizza

Sometimes you just want a quick but tasty lunch. At Joe’s Pizza, you can get your pizza, find a spot at a counter, enjoy their amazing slices and be in and out in about 10 minutes!

Porsena – 21 E 7th St

Porsena Pasta

Porsena is easily one of our favorite spots in New York City for top notch pasta! It is also another restaurant where it is a lot easier to find a seat at the bar than getting a table especially without a reservation. We found the bar warm and inviting and we have gotten a lot of great recommendations for food and drinks from the bartender.

Cocoron – 16 Delancey St & 37 Kenmare St

Cocoron Chicken Burbock Dip Soba

Both locations of Cocoron are tiny but we love sitting at the bar at Cocoron because we can see the kitchen make all the scrumptious soba noodles up close. Also if you are looking for Japanese curry, their sister restaurant Goemon (29 Kenmare St) is nearby.

DeKalb Market Hall – 445 Albee Square W, Brooklyn

Paella Shack Valencia Paella

Another great option when dining solo is checking out all the food halls and markets that are all over New York City. Our favorite food hall at the moment is DeKalb Market Hall and some of our favorite food booths there include Katz’s Deli, Fletcher’s BBQ, Pierogi Boys and Paella Shack.

Parm – 248 Mulberry St & Other Locations

Parm Mozzerella Sticks

It is great to have a good comfort food spot and we love Parm and their amazing chicken parm sandwiches. Their mozzarella sticks are amazing too! Their spot in Nolita is tiny so it can be a tight fit for large groups. (But if you do have a large group, their dining room in Battery Park is a lot larger and much better option if you have two or more people dining together.)