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The Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Chinatown, New York City

Peking Duck House Peking Duck Wrap

Chinatown has always been known as a great cheap eats destination but lately there has been a lot of fine dining options too! So with that in mind, here are our picks for the best fine dining restaurants in Chinatown, New York City. These are our go to restaurants for special occasions like Valentine’s Day!

Chinese Tuxedo – 5 Doyers St

Chinese Tuxedo Char Sui

P.C.: yelp, Katherine L.

Chinese Tuxedo is in the middle of the historic Doyers Street, an up and coming foodie spot in Chinatown. It is a beautiful trendy restaurant and it serves fresh takes on classic Chinese dishes. We just love their honey glazed char siu (roast pork) and crispy eggplant. This is a great restaurant if you are looking to impress!

Rice & Gold – 50 Bowery

Rice & Gold Spicy Chicken Bao

P.C.: yelp, Uyen D.

Rice & Gold, located at the ground floor of Hotel 50 Bowery, is an innovative and whimsical Dale Talde restaurant with items like kimchi brisket ramen, spicy fried chicken bao and Thai fried chicken & waffles. They definitely have an exciting menu and it is perfect if you are looking for something a little different.

Peking Duck House – 28 Mott St # A

Peking Duck House

P.C.: yelp, Hannah K.

As the names suggest, Peking Duck House is renown for their top notch Peking duck. The combination of super crispy skin, juicy tender meat, some cucumbers for some crunch, a warm wrap and a bit of hoisin sauce is just pure bliss with every bite!

Hwa Yuan Szechuan – 42 E Broadway

Hwa Yuan Szechuan Cold Noodles

P.C.: yelp, Ken S.

Hwa Yuan Szechuan is a revival of a legendary Chinese restaurant from the 1980’s. It specializes in the Szechuan cuisine which is known for its bold and spicy flavors. Their cold noodles with sesame sauce, whole fish with hot bean sauce and spicy wine chicken are all a must when dining here.

Juku Omakase Sushi Bar – 32 Mulberry St

Juku Sushi

P.C.: yelp, Valery C.

Finally Juku is a Japanese omakase restaurant, located across the street from Columbus Park and it is very easy to miss. Omakase means you are leaving the sushi selections up to Chef Kazuo Yoshida, one of the top sushi chefs in NYC, so you can expect only the freshest and tastiest fish for that day and you can also expect more unusual options. There is also an a la carte restaurant on the ground floor and a cocktail lounge in the basement.