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Where to Eat in New York City: The 7 Best New Restaurants to Try

HK Wonton Garden Wonton Noodle Soup

Looking for exciting, new restaurant openings in New York City?

As foodies, one of our favorite things about New York City is that there are always new restaurants, eateries, bakeries and more opening every month. That means there are always new places to visit and new yummy dishes to try. With Cantonese noodle shops, huge vegan restaurants, popular pizzerias and everything in between, here is our guide on where to eat in New York City with the seven best new restaurants to try this summer.

Chang Lai Fishballs Noodles – 55 Bayard St Store B

Chang Lai Fishballs NoodlesP.C.: yelp, Evan K.

If you are/were looking for cheong fun (rice noodle rolls) and fishballs, the cart on Grand Street, just off Bowery, was the place to go. It was a tasty snack that didn’t break the bank. However, they have recently moved to a new storefront in the heart of Chinatown, where they continue to serve the same delicious foods with the added benefit of much more convenience!

Mei Lai Wah Wonton Noodle – 23 Pell St

Mei Lai Wah Wonton Noodle SoupP.C.: yelp, Magz M.

Wonton Noodle Garden was one of the most popular restaurants in Chinatown, but they recently closed on Mott Street due to rising rents. Surprisingly, Mei Lai Wah Bakery, which is probably one of the most popular bakeries in Chinatown, shares the same owners as Wonton Noodle Garden. Mei Lai Wah Wonton Noodle is a relaunch of their noodle shop. Wonton noodle soup is akin to the Chinese take on comforting chicken noodle soup, and trust us, it hits the spot at all hours of the day, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Mabu Hong Kong Cafe – 18 Doyers St

Mabu Hong Kong Cafe Baked Tomato Sauce Pork Cutlet RiceP.C.: yelp, Judy T.

Mabu Cafe is a Hong Kong style cafe and a Canadian restaurant chain. They just opened their first location in the United States in Chinatown. It already has a ton of buzz for their delicious snacks and comfort foods like their curry squid, baked spaghetti, cheesy chicken cutlets and pineapple bun breakfast sandwiches. We also love that their tables are decorated with mahjong tiles!

Norimen – 24 Elizabeth St

Norimen ChinatownP.C.: instagram, norimen_nyc

Norimen is headed by Haru Kim, best known for working at the Momofuku Noodle Bar. This restaurant is scheduled to open very soon, and we are excited to learn more about it. Based on their social media posts, Norimen will have a beautiful dining space. As you can see from our picks above, there are so many exciting restaurants opening up in Chinatown. To stay on top of the Chinatown foodie scene, join us on an NYC-themed food tour, where you can taste everything from neighborhood favorites to hidden gems off the beaten path.

Spicy Moon – 265 Bowery & Other Locations

Spicy Moon Vegan RestaurantP.C.: Spicy Moon at Bowery

Spicy Moon is a hip vegan Szechuan restaurant and their newest location in the East Village is currently the largest vegan restaurant in NYC. You can easily spot them by their hot pink storefront. Some of our favorites here include their mapo tofu, crabless rangoon and scallion pancakes. Of course as their name implies, this is a great option for foodies who crave a bit of spice too.

Raosu Hotpot & Sushi – 310 W 38th St

Raosu Hotpot & SushiP.C.: Raosu Hotpot & Sushi

One of our favorite restaurants in Midtown was Ichi Umi. They had a huge buffet, all you can eat sushi and hot pot but sadly it closed a few years ago. Luckily for us, Raosu Hotpot & Sushi just opened close by with the same style of dining.

Scarr’s Pizza – 35 Orchard St

Scarr's PizzaP.C.: yelp, Charlie C.

Finally, Scarr’s Pizza is one of our favorite pizzerias and they are renowned for their New York style slices. Their pizza has the perfect combination of cheese, sauce and crust. Their old location was pretty small and they regularly had huge lines. But they opened a new, larger location just down the block. We are intrigued by and can’t wait to try their hot honey pizza.