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Top 10 Places in New York City for Japanese Food

From sushi to teriyaki and from taiyaki to takoyaki, trying new Japanese foods can be a culinary adventure!  Here are our top 10 places in New York City for Japanese food. We’ve made sure to include a variety to check out for those looking to try something a little different.

Yakiniku West – 218 E 9th Street

Japanese restaurants where you can grill your own food are a lot of fun.  Yakiniku West offers a wide range of items to grill but their various cuts of Kobe style beef are a must.  Also their green tea ice cream is top notch and the perfect way to end the meal.

Gyu-Kaku – 34 Cooper Square and other locations

Gyu-Kaku is another Japanese grill location and one with great specials.  A Meat Lover Set with sliced rib eye and brisket to grill is only $12 during happy hour and a Kobe Style Beef Set only sets you back $18!

Quan Sushi – 375 Broome Street

There are a ton places selling sushi in the New York City and at a quick glance, Quan Sushi is just another tiny restaurant with a tiny sushi bar on the outskirts of Chinatown.  However, Quan Sushi stands out with their attention to detail, competitive prices, the freshest fish, innovative rolls and a delicious ice cream tempura.

Hatsuhana – 17 E 48th Street

Hatsuhana is a traditional sushi bar in Midtown that is popular with businessmen and women in the area.  Their sushi is a true work of art and their Box of Dreams is good way to sample all of the freshest fish of the day.

En Japanese Brasserie – 435 Hudson Street

En Japanese Brasserie is worth the trip to the West Village for the breathtaking décor and their legendary homemade tofu.

Ichi Umi – 6 E 32nd Street

If “all you can eat” sushi, raw oysters & clams, teriyaki, tempura, etc. sounds like an awesome idea, Ichi Umi is a must visit.  Ichi Umi is truly one of a kind in NYC.

Sunrise Mart – 29 3rd Avenue, 2nd Floor

Just around the corner from St. Marks Place is the Sunrise Mart where you can get authentic Japanese food and snacks.  Also, an honorable mention goes to Mitsuwa a huge Japanese supermarket and food court in New Jersey that is only a quick shuttle away from the Port Authority.  Mitsuwa is just about as authentic as you can get, aside from traveling to Japan yourself.

East Japanese Restaurant – 366 3rd Avenue

East has a sushi conveyor belt feature that is considered popular in Japan and now NYC.  It is not too often that you see sushi being made AND circled past your table allowing you to see what your appetite desires.

Otafuku – 236 E 9th Street

Otafuku is a popular “hole in a wall” type of restaurant renowned for their takoyaki aka octopus balls.

Ippudo NY – 65 4th Avenue

Ippudo NY is widely considered one of the best restaurants for ramen outside of Japan.  Both the broth and pork chashu are incredibly hard to perfect and Ippudo has managed to do both with their Akamaru Modern.

Ichi Umi sushi bar