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Seven New Restaurants to Try in New York City This Fall

Yin Ji Chang Fen

The fall has traditionally been a busy time for restaurant openings in New York City. There is especially a lot of new exciting restaurants opening in Lower Manhattan this year! With that in mind, here are seven new restaurants to try in New York City this fall. All of these restaurants just opened or are opening very soon.

Petisco Vegano – 189 E Broadway

Petisco Vegano Enchilada

P.C.: yelp, Melissa H.

Cafe Petisco was a popular neighborhood restaurant and one of our favorite places for lunch in the Lower East Side. Cafe Petisco is now reopening as an all vegan restaurant known as Petisco Vegano. We can’t wait to try all the new changes and for another great healthy lunch option in the area.

Da Long Yi Hot Pot – 159 Canal St 2nd Fl

Da Long Yi Hot Pot

P.C.: yelp, Da Long Yi Hot Pot

Hot pot can be a ton of fun and it is even better as the weather gets cooler. One of the newest hot pot restaurants in Chinatown is Da Long Yi Hot Pot. It is their first location in the United States and they offer a Chengdu-style hot pot and they are known for their spicy broth. Our mouths are watering seeing all the yummy seafood, meat and vegetable options that you can get!

Thai Diner – 186 Mott St

Uncle Boons Curry

em>P.C.: yelp, Ann L.

We love Uncle Boons for their creative and fun takes on Thai food. Thai Diner is their newest project and it is going to be a fusion of Thai food and a classic American diner. We are not quite sure what that means but we are very excited about all the possibilities!

The Market Line – 115 Delancey St

The Market Line Que Chevere

P.C.: instagram, themarketline

The Market Line is phase 2 of the new Essex Street Market at Essex Crossing. It will be a huge market (three city blocks long) with tons of food, art, music and fashion vendors. Some of our favorite restaurants and shops like Nom Wah, Pickle Guys, Doughnut Plant and Veselka will have a presence here. We are especially eyeing Que Chevere for their yummy takes on Puerto Rican classics.

Dhamaka – 88 Essex St

Rahi Chicken Lukhmi

P.C.: yelp, Rahi

Also opening in the Essex Street Market is a 60 seat Indian restaurant (one of two full service restaurants planned in the market). We love curries and Indian cuisine so we are definitely going to check this place out when it opens.

Yin Ji Chang Fen – 89 Bayard St

Yin Ji Chang Fen Shrimp and Beef Noodle Roll

P.C.: yelp, Rochelle ‘Shella’ T.

Rice noodle rolls aka chang fen are quick tasty snacks so we definitely want to try Yin Ji Chang Fen when it opens for business too. They will open in the old Shanghai Cuisine location so they will have great views of Columbus Park!

232 Bleecker – 232 Bleecker St

Dig Inn Salad

P.C.: yelp, Dig Inn

Finally Dig Inn is one of our favorite spots to pick up a quick and tasty lunch so we are intrigued by what this team can do with a full sit down restaurant in the West Village.